Friday, August 23, 2013


                                           Hey Guys I'm Gonna Tell You About My School

I'm a home schooler  I use this web site to do my school.
It's really important that we have internet so we can go to the web site.It's really better than my other public school Ragsdale

Thats my old school Ragsdale elementary school.

But my mom and dad wanted for use to be taught under the things they agree with and with K12 they have that this is just one of the info videos

I really like the school I am at now I still get to meet other children in k12 in outings.outings are like little feild trips but happen allot in the school year.

Also some info about me

I'm in 5th grade
I'm enrolled in K12
I like horses/Animals
I have 2 sisters and one brother
I have a Goat,Dog,and 5 cats
and finally but not least

I have a loving and caring family that has enrolled me in K12


  1. If I have an outing or field trip i'll take photos and post them and explain them on my blog here i'm going to a Stone mountain Outing soon so i'll tak photos there for your guys