Monday, July 8, 2013

Ok hey guys well today on ( were talking about true beauty.

So the person you see is some one name Chole.Shes on dance moms and is a dancer a compiton dancer.
You see what shes wering?On top of her face?well shes wering make up.Is that the true beauty of herself?No.How could people see the real beauty of Chloe?Could they try to look really deep in and try just try to see the true beauty?Or would they just make there brain take a short cut and say oh her lips are really pretty(BUT THEY HAVE LIP STICK ON THEM) oh i like her eye lashes (BUT THEY HAVE MAKE UP ON THEM TOO) next time you see some one try to use this and if you can clean deep down and see there true beauty tell them that there beautiful without there make up on instead of taking that silly short cut.
the next photo is of a girl who is NOT afraid to show her naked face.She embraces her beauty.She dosen't care what other people say it's her beautiful face and she can do what she wants with it.So the next time you see some one NOT wearing make up ans looking confadent tell them you made the right chose .P.S. NONE OF THESE PHOTOS ARE OF ME OR FRIENDS.BYE GUYS


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